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Family History

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Sigfred Borgstrøm (1867 - 1943)

It began in Denmark with Sigfred Borgstrom, my grandfather, who taught accordion aorund the turn of the century. See
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Ernst Borgstrøm (1900 - 1981)

Sigfred's son, Ernst Borgstrom, my father, became a true pioneer of the accordion, performing classical music at the age of 10. In his mid-teens he was performing professionally in Copenhagen and by age 19 he had recorded several classical compostitions on the "His Master's Voice" label. His real fame came when he in 1919 teamed up with Herman Gellin to form what was to become the internationally famous dou of
Gellin & Borgstrom.
Between the years of 1919 and 1940 they toured Europe and Iceland constantly, playing in some of the most famous concert halls. After giving command performances to the Danish and Norwegian Kings, and also to the former Emperor of Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm) they acquired the title as the "Royal and Imperial Accordionists", a title that stayed with them until their partnership dissolved in 1951.
In 1929, on a tour in Estonia, Ernst met an operetta singer,
Melanie Nomtak,
and shortly afterwards they were married and Melanie moved to Denmark
Occasionally they were joined with another performer,
Victor Borge, who later moved to the United States, where he became a fantastic success.
During the years between 1919 - 1951 they recorded over 100 selections on various labels and were in 2 danish movies. Most of their recordings are lost, but some can still be found in the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen. See
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Elof Borgstrøm (1917-2007)

My cousin, was a popular entertainer between 1940 - 1950, but after establishing a successful business with his brother Mogens, the accordion became more or less a hobby for him. See
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Bjørn Borgstrøm

Another cousin,
Bjørn, started as a pianist, but as he became keenly interested in Danish Folk Music and Dance, he switched to the accordion and has been busy ever since playing for folk dancing with his partner Lis (violin). See Slide Show

Boris Borgstrom (1933)

That leaves me, Boris Borgstrom. I began my musical studies in Copenhagen, Denmark, and continued my studies when my family immigrated to Canada in 1951. I had started with piano but also included the accordion when I came to Canada. Graduating with a
Piano Solo Performer Degree from the Royal Consevatory of Music in 1958. At the same time I became part of a very successful music studio established by my parents in St. Catharines, with more than 500 accordion students and 12 teachers working for us.. My life evolved almost exclusively around the accordion as a teacher, solo performer, arranger and composer of accordion music. I was also a member of a group from the Canadian Accordion Teacher's Association that established an examination system throughout Canada in both Standard Bass and Free Bass accordion.
Joan and I got married in 1961 and had a son, Mark, in 1967.

The years after 1969 turned out to be very good years as an accordion teacher. I managed to produce a total of 7 Canadian Accordion Champions, who all competed in
Coupe Mondiale, placing from 2nd to 6th place (2nd Leonard Turnevicius, 4th Mark Roberts). In the years between 1969 - 1984 I was the official Adjudicator representing Canada in Coupe Mondiale.
To stay fit I play Badminton ( a sport I had begun to play as a child in Denmark) and in 1989 my partner and I entered the World's Masters Badminton Tournament where I was lucky enough to win 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals.
To-day I'm enjoying a semi-retired life with my wife Joan, still teaching a few students and playing in a few musicals.

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