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Recordings 1933-35

Recordings of Gellin & Borgstrøm

Ernst Borgstrom (1900-1981), my father, teamed up with Herman Gellin in 1919 to form what was to become the internationally famous duo of Gellin & Borgstrøm.

Between the years of 1919 and 1940 they toured Europe and Iceland constantly, playing in some of the most famous concert halls. After giving command performances to the
Danish and Norwegian Kings, and also the former Emperor of Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm), they acquired the title as the "Royal and Imperial Accordionists", a title that stayed with them until their partnership dissolved in 1951 when Ernst and family immigrated to Canada.

During the year between 1919-1951 they recorded over 100 selections on various labels such as '
His Master's Voice"; "Polyphon"; "Odeon", and also played the sound track for the first Danish Musical Movie with sound (1932). Most of the recordings are lost, but a few can be found in the Danish National Museum. I have picked 3 of them that can be listened to: " Zigeuner Fantasie", "Tiger Rag", Dizzy Accordion".

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